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Remember the sun

How do you remember the sun
and its bright morning melodies
in a place devoid of its golden warmth
in hands devoid of mercy

How do you remember chasing rainbows
and smearing bright paint all over the place
now red and blue are the only colors
used to write pain all over your face

When blood is your day
and bruises are your night
How do you remember warmth?
How do you remember the light?

How do you remember a leaf in the wind
and dancing from tree to tree
after you’ve been beaten, chained and sold
to spend your life in captivity

When slavery is your night
and shackles are your day
There is no freedom to dance
There is no freedom to play

How do you remember hope
and laughter that bubbles bright and clear
if there is never a touch of kindness
but always the grip of fear

When darkness is the day
and darkness is the night
When they smile as they hurt me
and my pain is their delight

How do you remember the sun?
How do you remember the light?
- Gabriëlle Linger

Dit gedicht is geïnspireerd op een cliënt van IJM, Sundari. Zij zag jarenlang geen zonlicht. Lees hier het verhaal van Sundari.