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Heather Hancock

HeatherHancockHeather Hancock has enjoyed a unique career as both a classical pianist and a singer/songwriter for the past twenty years. She made her American debut performing Mozart’s Double Piano Concerto.

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Karin Bezemer

Karin BezemerFor many years Karin Bezemer (born in 1977) has been developing drawing, painting and other techniques.
She followed a training at the art academy St. Joost. Now she is studying at the Nieuwe Akademie Utrecht.

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Paul Abspoel

Paul AbspoelPaul Abspoel is photographer. He was born in Haarlem on 12 december 1961. He is married and father of 3 children. He is a trained teacher of History and Dutch. He worked nine years at the marketing communications department of Bell & Howell.

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Joel Bonk

Joel BonkJoel Bonk is born in Zwolle, he lives and works in Rotterdam. He studied autonomous art at ArtEZ in Zwolle. In 2011 he finished his study at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam.

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