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Carla Veldhuis

willem van den Heuvel

Carla Veldhuis is a storyteller in heart and soul. This drama producer and teacher uses dance and drama to tell stories based on godly ideas.

Carla has experienced the impact of these arts like no other, since she came to faith as a teenager through a large theatrical performance. She would love for everyone to be able to have a similar experience. This is why she has been inspiring others for more than 30 years, through impressive performances of living statues and motivating trainings and workshops.
Carla dedicates herself on a daily basis to Arts Alive, an organisation that encourages artistic gifts and talents to blossom while honoring God and mirroring His creativity. Yearly projects of Arts Alive are the Arts Summit, the Theater Weekend and Walking Theater Dolorosa. Besides these there are regular performances of living statues and Dance Theater HomeRun.