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Wiebe van Dingen

willem van den HeuvelWiebe van Dingen (born 1954 in Loppersum, the Netherlands) has been a visual artist since 1992. He works as a secondary school art teacher.

He grew up in the North of the Netherlands at a time when crafts were practiced in every village. The various professions were practiced as if they would never die out, e.g. wooden shoe maker, butcher, carpenter, furniture maker, goldsmith, clockmaker. Through his investigative attitude and growing awareness of God, Wiebe developed a sense for beauty, human interactions and natural processes.
After a visit to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, at the age of 27, an interesting creative process started. Latent interests awoke in the following years and puzzle pieces fell into place. His interest grew in developing skills to work with things like wood, (precious) metals, and glass. Various courses followed. The developed skills and the pleasure of working with people led him to choose for a job in Secondary School Education as a 1st degree teacher of the arts.