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Annewil Jansen

willem van den Heuvel

Landscapes are the starting point for works by Annewil Jansen. She is guided by the landscape in the broadest sense of the word. She spends one week every summer in an old church in Ginnum.

The silence of the Frisian countryside allows ideas to mature and provides room to experiment with shapes, colors and the nature she sees outside.

In recent years Annewil has rediscovered drawing. The technique is pure and direct. She uses drawing to ‘jot down’ ideas that are worked out in the studio. Lighting and shadows fascinate her endlessly. Sun and rain show her details that make her want to draw. Vulnerability, decay and life form a recurring theme in her work. She does not let her own environment limit her. Political and social issues (refugee crisis, economic gain at the expense of natural diversity) encourage her to make images, often in relation to Jewish / Christian spirituality.

In 1995 she graduated from the teacher training course in Fine Arts at the Christian academy of Windesheim, now ArtEz in Zwolle. Since 2012 she has attended several symposia in Italy, Austria, Macedonia and France. In 2013 she received a prize for her work 'Donau Tanz' at Studio an der Donau. In addition, she regularly follows master classes by renowned artists such as Henk Pietersma, Willem Zijlstra, Wilma Wagenaar and Grady van den Bosch.

In addition to her work as a visual artist she is available as a teacher for projects in primary schools. She is a board member of www.arsprodeo.nl, an artists' collective where art and faith come together.