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Marjanne Stoopendaal

marjanne stoopendaalFor many years Marjanne helped people who struggle financially due to various circumstances. She has been doing this as a coordinator through a foundation, to which she is also one of the founders.

Besides her daily job, she loves to paint. It has always been a wonderful way of expressing herself. She has developed her artistic abilities through trial and error. From time to time she would follow workshops to learn new techniques or gain inspiration, leading to an increasing desire to be completely devoted to her art. Today she is living this dream.

She paints namely with acrylics, making use of all kinds of available materials. Her art is usually abstract, but also includes figurative elements. The paintings may have different layers by which they tell a story. The technique ‘mixed media’ is one she loves to apply.Marjanne wishes to demonstrate the love of God through her paintings. This is how she encourages and inspires people.

She also works for ArtsAlive.nl and is part of the arts collective of ‘Nieuw Sion’ in Diepenveen, the Netherlands.

Her works can be viewed on her website: www.kunstvanbetekenis.nl