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Welcome to Expressions for Justice

rietje-pasfotoOver the last few years the work of IJM began to interest me more and more. What this organization achieved in its battle against injustice and violence impressed me greatly.

The goal of IJM is amazing: Free thousands – Protect millions – Prove that justice for the poor is possible.

How does this relate to Expressions for Justice. What could the role of an artist ( in the most broad sense of the word ) contribute to this battle?

I believe that particulary fine art can touch people in a way nothing else can, especially when it depicts the immense suffering we see daily in the news and on social media. Nobody can escape from feeling frustrated and powerless every now and then.

In this area art can play a significant role by creating an image that moves people and invites them to get involved. Art can elevate us from despair, visualise and articulate hope and freedom.

In my own work as an artist I am challenged to make the other pause for a moment, to offer a narrow view on reality and to connect. I like to use the quote from the great British theologian, N.T. Wright my predecessor Heather Hancock used here:

“Through art we are constantly creating a world that we can’t believe any other way!When you hear music your mind and imagination are enlarged - thoughts you couldn’t have thought emerge. Great exhibitions make you realize the world is a different place”.

In my role as coordinator of Expressions for Justice it is my privilege to give a new impulse to this department of IJM, together with a number of volunteers. It is our challenge to promote the international platform that IJM is offering to fine art and to make it accessible to many artists.

IJM strives to get in touch with many coureagous and involved artists, who want to use their passion and skills to touch people and move them into action. Together we can fight every form of injustice and give a voice to the voiceless and make the invisible visible.

Welcome to Expressions for Justice!

Rietje Bakker Coordinator EfJ