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Blood Red

For you, who’ve been so brutally discarded,
for those who’ve been inhumanly afflicted,
by slave-drivers, masters, the power-addicted:
I draw this line for all you brokenhearted.

redsandprojectFor you, who’ve felt their whips upon your backs,
I’ll find a torn up tile or stone to flood,
with the redness of your wasted blood:
A ribbon of shame runs through these cracks.

Your soul seems covered by the darkest veil,
but I will mark the fists of your betrayers,
and color in red their destructive trail.

My promise: I’ll work to break your chains,
until the day of justice comes for you,
as long as human blood runs through my veins.

–English translation by Annegreet Knies

This poem is written for the Red Sand Project.